Mediatrek is also known as

  • Mediatrek
  • Media Trek

About Mediatrek

Mediatrek is a media service that offers unlimited movies, music, video games, and books. The company was founded a few years ago. The parent company is Eimhir Limited. Eimhir Limited was founded in 2013. The headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. Eimhir Limited is a media company that provides various services, including cross-platform interfaces, multi-media supply chains, and cloud storage. Eimhir Limited owns several other streaming websites that mirror Mediatrek. Some of the affiliate websites include Geeker, Let’s Play Ventures, Ayito, AllGame Media, LLC, PlayFlex, Playalt, Kiltmedia, Stonerplay, Dexplay, Gurlmedia, APX Play, Vegplay, Tzarmedia, PlayBug, StonerPlay, and Nipsplay.

You must be at least 18 years of age to join Mediatrek. You will need to have a credit card or debit card handy when signing up for the website. You will need to enter your basic information. Once you get to the payment screen, you should understand that Mediatrek is a monthly recurring membership, so you are giving Mediatrek consent to charge your credit/debit card each month. During the first 5-days, you will be within a trial membership so your card will only be charged $1. After the trial period, the monthly membership fee is $39.95. Once you have signed up and signed in, you will see the online library. The online library will include hundreds of thousands of content. The content will be divided into categories, based on the genre. If you are a lover of media and entertainment, you will love having a Mediatrek membership. Content is updated on a daily basis. If you ever have any issues with the content or the website, you can easily contact the Mediatrek customer service department.

You can easily cancel your Mediatrek membership. We have included some cancellation instructions on this page that will help you do so. Please continue reading this page for more information.

Mediatrek Cancel Guides

Phone (Live Agent)

Get together the following account information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Phone Number
  • Amount of Last Charge
  • Date of Last Charge
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country

Follow these steps:

  1. Using your phone, call 1-877-747-0005 or 1-302-722-4141
  2. Let the rep know that you’re calling to cancel
  3. Request to be refunded
  4. Give the rep your account info when they ask
  5. Request proof of your transaction in the form of an email or confirmation number
  6. Be sure to retain your cancellation proof for your records

More About Mediatrek

Address 1: 2nd Floor
Address 2: 1-2 Broadgate
City: London
State/Province/Region: Greater London
Zip/Postal Code: EC2M 2QS
Country: United Kingdom
Contact Information
Phone 1: 1-877-747-0005
Phone 2: 1-302-722-4141
Email 1: [email protected]
Main Site Url:
Help Site Url:
Terms Of Service Url:
Privacy Policy Url:

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