Hannes Aronsson

Hannes Aronsson is the Chief Author for Cancelguides.com. He earned a Master in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan and has been a writer, both employed and freelance, for the last 9 years. He has been with Cancelguides.com for 4 years and is responsible for a large portion of the website’s content. Hannes is always motivated and strives to put out clear, detailed, and accurate content for our visitors. With his focus on consumer advocacy, he really appreciates consumer feedback and always takes it into consideration when looking for ways to improve our website and help our visitors learn how to get out of never ending recurring charges, or any subscriptions that make it difficult to cancel.

James L. Gibson

James L. Gibson is the Assistant Author and “Cancelling Expert” for Cancelguides.com. James earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College and has been with Cancelguides.com for the last 2 years. James has brought new, innovative ideas and concepts to the team and also aids in market research to help us stay up to date on the type of content our consumers want to see. His research and writing skills have been a great addition to Cancelguides.com because he digs deep to find out how to get from underneath the grasp of hard to cancel subscriptions, memberships, and recurring charges.