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About IMDb

The Internet Movie Database, also known as is one of the first Internet Databases. It was founded in Bristol, England 1990 by CEO Col Needham who began compiling a list in 1980 of films he has seen. He still operates out of Bristol while the main office is located in Seattle as it ‘s a subsidiary of In 1996 was incorporated, and in 1998, Amazon purchased the site with the intention of selling DVDs and VHS tapes in the same fashion which they sold books. This would eventually happen by allowing people to purchase movies via Amazon Video, but IMDb still maintained it’s on identity as a top authority in the field entertainment throughout the years. In January 2019, they launched IMDb Freedrive in the United States, which is a free streaming service, similar to Sony Crackle and Tubi. This isn’t the first time they tried their hand at a streaming content. Membership has always been free for people who want to add ratings, trivia, poll, and reviews. Their Premium option IMDbPro is reserved for people in the industry which allows them to edit their credits, biographical information, upload photos, and videos to their account for a small yearly fee. IMDb has expanded its reach to covering video games, internet streams, and trailers and news for all entertainment media. In 2006, the started listing credits of individual episodes since 2006, which nearly doubled the number of listed titles on the website, which gave the site even more authority. Before IMDb existed, there weren’t many ways for the public to truly know who worked on and performed in a movie. The only way for years was to watch it and pay attention to the credits or read a magazine such as TV guide, which still only featured the top-billed actors and no crew credits. This process was eased with by watching video recordings, but even that was an inefficient means of researching movies. IMDb offers the masses cast and crew credits since its infancy, and to this day, the site hasn’t strayed from their Col Needham’s vision. While the site initially focused only on indexing credits of the cast and crew of movies and television shows, they now offer information about the production studio, box office statistics, release dates, reviews, quotes, awards, and even goofs or inaccuracies which take place in movies. IMDb also acquired WithoutABox, which is a film festival internet service and Box Office Mojo which systematically breaks down the box office revenue of films. Although IMDb is one of the longest running internet services, it has aged well and remains one the go-to site for fans and professionals of the entertainment industry. If you need to cancel your subscription to continue reading below.


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