These days, taking advantage of subscription services is the norm. It’s so easy to get things delivered every month in the mail, and beauty products are no different. Who doesn’t want to receive new and exciting skincare items or nail polish?

However, as your makeup cabinet begins to fill up, you may find yourself wondering where you’re going to put it all or how you’ll ever use it before it goes bad. These little items add up quickly, so if you’re thinking about canceling your subscription, we have a guide for you.

Our writing team has been working out at pulling together the best how to cancel guides to help you. We have the most up-to-date information on how to cancel these subscriptions so what you’ll find in these guides is accurate.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of contacting these companies to request a cancelation and we’ve done everything in our power to include guides on all of the different ways you can cancel.

You’ll also find full guides, alternatives, and what to look for when comparing other services that you may want to try instead. If you’ve decided you don’t like your current subscription, we can almost guarantee there’s another out there offering even better products and services!

Some Beauty and Supplements Subscription Cancelation Guides for You

We’ve compiled the following guides to popular beauty and supplement subscription services for you to review. We can help you navigate the confusing world of canceling subscriptions with minimal penalties.

Many services update their fine print frequently, and it can be difficult for someone who doesn’t check it regularly to understand what they may be locked into. However, our editors have reviewed these legal documents closely and can offer insight into what the pros and cons of canceling might be.

Timing is also key when deciding whether you should cancel now or at a different time during your monthly billing cycle. Read these guides carefully to find out how you can save yourself time and money when canceling your subscriptions.

We’re constantly improving our guides, so look below to find a list of the most common beauty and supplement subscription services today.

Alternatives: Looking for a New Beauty and Supplement Subscription Service?

If you’re not happy with your current beauty and supplement subscription service for whatever reason, don’t fret, because there’s always another. With so many providers, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

No matter why you’re thinking of canceling your current subscription, you’ll likely find it pretty easy to subscribe to another. However, before you commit to anything, make sure you can get out of your current agreement or you might find yourself locked into two.

If you’re thinking about switching, here are some things you may want to look for:

  • Products: Make sure the subscription service offers the products you need. There are plenty of offerings for a combination of beauty products in the same subscription but there are also services that offer skincare, haircare, or vitamins, and supplements only.

  • Allergies: When it comes to beauty products, it’s important to evaluate ingredients because your skin is a sensitive organ. Make sure you can subscribe to something that takes your preferences into account.

  • Manufacturing techniques: If animal cruelty is an important issue for you, consider organic subscription boxes or options that promote safe manufacturing and testing techniques.

  • Cost: Cost is a factor for most people. Many subscription services offer their products at less than $20 per month while others charge per box no matter how frequently you order.

  • Term: Sometimes you can sign up monthly and other services offer 6 or 12-month subscriptions, paid upfront at a significant discount. Choosing something with a longer-term likely means you’re locked in and can’t cancel for a refund. If you’re hesitant about their product offering or don’t want to lose that money, it’s better to go month to month until you know more.

Here are some alternatives you may want to try if you aren’t happy with what you have now:


IPSY is one of the most popular monthly beauty boxes. They offer full-sized beauty products, so you’re not just paying for samples that won’t last. They offer makeup, skincare, haircare, and nail care products along with an extensive quiz to get to know you and your preferences better.


Birchbox is another subscription that offers makeup, skincare, haircare, and nail care products. They send out monthly boxes for an affordable price and then allow you to review the box and send back what you don’t want. You only pay for what you keep and your feedback continues to improve your box month after month.


Ritual offers a vitamin and supplement service for a monthly fee. They send one bottle per month and include products like essential multivitamins and prenatals. Each bottle includes 60 capsules good for 30 days.

Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box is the best way to try products before buying the full-size version. Every month, they send a box of premium samples based on what’s trending. You can set it at a price point you can afford and still get plenty of great items recommended by Allure Magazine.

Canceling Beauty and Supplement Subscriptions

Cancel your beauty and supplement subscriptions the only way that makes sense: doing the research first. Luckily, we’ve already taken care of that for you. Our guides make it easy for you to figure out the best way to go about canceling these subscriptions without wasting your time and money.

Every subscription is different, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to try to keep up, so find the guide that pertains to you, review it with ease, and cancel the best way that works for you.

Don’t forget to review our suggestions for finding a new service and take advantage of some of the most popular options for you. After all, they’re popular for a reason!

We’ll continue to update these pages so be sure to bookmark them for future reference. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t find what you’re looking for. We’re always excited to hear about your tips and tricks for canceling.

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