Funacumen Cancel Guide

Funacumen is also known as Funacumen Fun Acumen About Funacumen Are you an up and coming or current businessman? Are you looking for new and improved ways to get information or entertainment? is a website that offers media specifically tailored for business people. One thing about smart people is that they never stop […]

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Southern Living Magazine Cancel Guide

Southern Living Magazine is also known as Southern Living Magazine About Southern Living Magazine The world has changed and become electronic over the past decade. Newspapers, books, and magazines used to be the way that people entertained themselves. However, with this recent technological age, even those things have been electronicized. The Southern Living Magazine is […]

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Gamelily Cancel Guide

Gamelily is also known as Gamelily Game Lily About Gamelily Gamelily is an online entertainment company. The website offers unlimited access to video games. Gamelily launched in 2012. The website is owned by TimeKeep, LLC. TimeKeep, LLC. is located in Wilmington, DE. You can become a member of Gamelily no matter where you live. […]

Read More Cancel Guide is also known as Expedia About Expedia Group is a travel technology company. The website allows you to book air travel, car rentals, cruises, and hotels. Expedia was founded as a division of Microsoft in October 1996. In 2003, it was purchased by IAC/InterActiveCorp. Over the last decade, Expedia had acquired several […]

Read More CA Cancel Guide CA is also known as Expedia (Canada) Expedia (CA) CA About CA CA is the Canadian version of the original Expedia website. First founded as a division of Microsoft, Expedia launched in 1996. Expedia was founded by Rich Barton. The Chairman of the company is Barry Diller. It wasn’t until […]

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Grammafun Cancel Guide

Grammafun is also known as Grammafun Gramma Fun About Grammafun Grammafun is an entertainment streaming service. It was founded in 2012. The website was created by Eimhir Limited, which owns several other similar streaming websites. The company is based in the United Kingdom. Currently, Grammafun offers memberships to customers in the United States, the […]

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Save The Children Cancel Guide

Save The Children is also known as Save The Children About Save The Children Save The Children is a charity organization that helps improve the lives of children. The organization was founded in April 1919 by founders, Eglantyne Jebb and her sister, Dorothy Buxton, in the United Kingdom. They started the foundation to help hunger […]

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People Media, LLC Cancel Guide

People Media, LLC is also known as People Media, LLC People Media About People Media, LLC People Media, LLC is an online personals and dating company. The company is owned by InterActive Corp, which is a company based in New York City, New York. People Media was founded in 2001. It is a sister company […]

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